27 Dec

3 Questions That Will Set Your Life,Career and Team in The Right Direction for 2013

Who? What?, How?, Where and Why?
Questions are usualy the most powerful part of any conversation: with yourself and others. You can be surrounded by answers and never know it until you ask the right questions. I'm all for the right questions in life and when it comes to having meaning in life and pursuing life goals, I've been asking questions for the past 13 years and have come up with answers that have helped me and hundreds of others personally and invarious careers and businesses. On to the questions...

    People ask: "How Do I know which of all the things that
    motivate me to focus on? There's a number of things I currently feel motivated about ,some of which I even failed at recently... How do I know the right thing? Do I change course?"
    Many ask this question with many others not really knowing what to be motivated about because of the whirlwind of their daily lives and jobs. You need to stop in the midst of everything regularly, once a week, once a month..once in 6 months...the shorter the interval the better and ask yourself?

    1. What I have focused most of my energies and am motivated about right now, is it consistent with my life priorities and in line with my persisting thoughts,dreams and desires?
    2. Do I have the time or what time and changes can I make for things consistent with my life goals in my daily schedule? It's usually little changes that bring amazing results. Find them!
    3. If I live the way I live, doing what I am doing everyday, do I really see myself arriving at desired results,life goals or not? You will get a yes for some hopefully and a good deal of nos. Stop!!! If you do not do something and begin now by way of a plan with small changes, everything you've read above will be absolutely useless.
    4. These are some of the first questions we need to ask ourselves and begin to make changes to discover and laser-focus our motivation and exponentially increase our fulfilment and results.
      We spend less time being opportunists and more on being strategists at life. cut out the crucial 20% of our time (which eventually increases) on the right things.
      --Excerpt from the book "The A.R.T of motivation"--

      The A.R.T of Motivation reveals a 3 step strategy :
      A: Adventure into Self
      R: Rediscovery of self
      T: Travelling the road to your dreams everyday from where you are

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    20 Dec

    First Webinar A Success! Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

    We had a great webinar today focusing on "Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want to be" and updates on Yubi's new book: "The A.R.T of Motivation".
    A high-profile participant was Svetoslav Simov: world-famous and best-selling font-author/creator. Svetoslav is the founder and owner of the fontfabric font foundry with his fonts topping lists in myfonts,veer and other major font vendors on the web. His fonts are largely used for corporate and other branding and he has a following in excess of a 100,000 designers the world over.
    The webinar was a success with some really great content and audio excerpts of the webinar recording will be available soon
    There will be another webinar held next week Thursday as well in a series of webinars into 2013.
    You can subscribe for the webinar from here :

    18 Dec

    The Law of Relationships- Yubi’s “The A.R.T of Motivation” Amazon Book

    Your life and achievement will rise and fall to the level of your relationships. We influence and are influenced by others close around us.
    A lot of the world’s greatest achievers have had parents, spouses or friends that have been instrumental to their life fulfilment...
    No matter how great your dream is, it will also require the involvement of so many people. You may appear alone sometimes when pursuing a dream, but the truth is from the moment you begin pursuit to the point where you experience the materialization of your dreams, people will play a major role. Ford had among his circle of close friends Thomas Edison and others. Micheal Faraday had Benjamin Abbott and the list goes on.
    There are people who invest in you time, association,conversation,money,correction, information. They have invested in you. How do you reward that investment in your life and what do you do to justify and encourage that investment? ...I am not referring to befriending people only for gain or based solely on how they help you expand which is slefish motivation, but in the long-run, every relationship will give and take something from you.
    People in your life each have something unique to contribute and see something you do not and cannot see. It is your duty to discern it, value it and honour it. God give me the grace to be thankful for great relationships. -- Excerpt from the book due on Amazon this holiday season: Yubi's "The A.R.T of Motivation".

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    09 Dec

    Get “The A.R.T of Motivation” 2 Free Chapters prior to Amazon Launch

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        Motivation means many things to many people.This masterpiece is written in engaging style and serves as a manual that looks at motivation in ways that we can all personally identify with. The A.R.T of Motivation is an easy read packed with practical steps and real life examples from mine and others lives on how we can really tap into our deepest dreams and abilities and learn to live life on purpose in line with our true self. This results in fulfilment and never-ending successes because you are being yourself doing what is natural to you.Life becomes fun and easy and you produce something unique that has never been seen even if there are others who have similar gifts. It will help readers maintain a never-ending flow of energy and inspiratiion in life. Your energy births inspiration. When inspired, you are creative. When creative you see what others cannot easily perceive, living life and achieving great and significant goals that are true to who you are.

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