29 Jul

A Leader Must Clarify Vision & Purpose in Any Team


Like a ship without a rudder, any team without a leader that has successfully communicated and imparted a strong,worthy vision which has been clearly understood and adopted at all levels - even down to the cleaners, will not make much of a difference. Alarming statistics show that less than 30% of people in any organization actually know and clearly understand an organization's main goals and objectives. An even smaller percentage (less than 20%) can accurately interprete organizational goals in the context of their daily work. Busyness does not necessarily equate to productivity. Leaders and managers need to regularly stop and ask themselves :"Where are we really going and what are we really trying to achieve?".

Many attimes the goals have not been clearly defined at the top and the uncertainty seeps through the entire organization. The first thing any individual, leader or team must do is to understand where exactly they are going and have a clear picture of the end goals in months, years and decades. Why are you doing what you do everyday, every week and every month. What will the end result look like? Is there any idea of what it will be? If you cannot see a future, you won't have a future. Like Loretta Staples said: "When you are clear on what you want in life,life will begin to respond to you with clarity."

People of purpose are people of power. Businesses and teams that have strong cores and people who know what they bring to the table and where that fits into one big picture.

24 Jul

Ubong Ekpo Strong Families Strong Societies and Nations


    Strong families equals strong, stable societies and nations.There are people all over the world that are afraid of, against, hate and do not respect or honor marriage. There are entire governments and nations that have laws to dissolve and degrade marriages, orchestrate events, television shows and programs; who make public statements as well as have influenced generations against the family unit knowingly or unknowingly.
    They fail to realize that the dissolution of marriages leads to the destruction of society and nations and the good of the world at large. If the family unit were to go down or is dishonored, there is no way a society or nation can be governed well or expect any kind of true prosperity and meaningful future. Marriage and family is honorable in all spheres and areas of human existence. Honor yours and the institution of marriage and you have a foundation for a strong future in any society, nation and continent. Strong marriages are the foundation for a stable future.
    How will any nation with Fathers, Mothers and families that make wrong choices and are not strong and stable expect good?
    The Family is the bedrock of any society. Fathers who have courage to live truth and love indeed before their wives and children while standing up for what is right. Change begins at the top and I don’t mean the government first, it begins first and foremost with Husbands, Fathers, Wives, Mothers and families. Strong families, strong nations.
    If you are married or planning to have a family, it's a wonderful thing! Remember that you are deciding the future of your societiy and generations to come by the stability of your family. Being a real man, a real woman.