18 Sep

Amazon Book : The art-of-motivation by Ubong Ekpo Gets Amazon Hall-of-fame,Amazon-top-50,Vine-voice 5-star-review



The A.R.T of Motivation has been rated on Amazon with a full 5-Star Review By Amazon Top 50, Hall of Fame and Vine Choice reviewer. More books are due for release from the end of 2013 by Ubong Ekpo.

    About the Author:
    Yubi has helped hundreds of people the world over through Consulting, public speaking and corporate training to position themselves in chosen careers and inspired them to higher achievements. Following years of a seasoned career in consulting,training and talent development, he has helped build and launch teams, projects and improve performance globally through Corporate Learning endeavors; organizational development consultations with business leaders in various organizations and spearheaded Sales/ Marketing projects that have boosted conversions. Ubong Ekpo is married and a Father, a past contributing author on the Project Management Institute (P.M.I) Website Career Section and one of his favorite sayings is "If you can't see a future, you won't have a future!!!".

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      17 Sep

      “To Engage or Not to Engage?” How Leaders can manage Team Engagement

      How leaders can manage team engagement : build trust, position people and more- ubongekpo-training-and-consulting-solutions

      To Engage or Not to Engage? That's the question on employee and team members minds.
      These days people are choosing their employers and what they want to commit to. Building and maintaining an engaged and high-performing team requires a new mindset, skillset and tolset for modern leaders and managers. Are your team members running with the goals as their own? Do they just show mere compliance or is there resentment? Team engagement is what will determine the success of your business and goals. The linked presentation below from UbongEkpo Training & Consulting solutions provides insights on managing team engagement for any team size or type: