03 Oct

5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders (and How Not to Be One) by Michael Hyatt


    I read this great post from Michael Hyatt and decided to share it here:

        Five traits of weak leadership we should avoid in leading others:

        1. Hesitating to take definitive action.
        2. Complaining about a lack of resources.
        3. Refusing to take responsibility.
        4. Abusing the privileges of leadership
        5. Engaging in acts of insubordination.

        5 Notable Characteristics of Weak Leaders (and How Not to Be One) indeed.
        Of course, when we have leaders under other leaders or in a system which already displays these characteristics,there may be significant challenges. This is the reality of many leaders in countries or organizations where there have not been very clearly established goals,values,systems and poor development of people.
        A balance has to be found and a decision made regarding a leader's commitment to an establishment, it's vision,values and strategic direction. Stay or go, leaders should lead by example and solid character. These make a true leader at any level and in any situation.
        For more details, you can see his website here.