18 Sep

I’ll be Talking on “Employee Engagement” for the Bulgarian HR Network Next Week


    I'll be giving a talk on "Employee Engagement - Measurement and Simple Organizational How Tos" to an audience consisting of HR and other organizational professionals for the Bulgarian HR Network on September 24th, 2014.
    You can be sure to have highlights posted for you here as well.

Yubi as he is commonly called,is a dynamic author,speaker,people development consultant and the Founder of UbongEkpo Training & Consulting Solutions (www.yubibillion.com),
He's passionate about growing people and teams with his results including consulting a multi-million dollar revenue group .
Yubi has personally trained and consulted Leaders, managers and teams of Global companies on topics like Leadership,Management,Business execution and has spent over 5 years in training and career counseling for young people
Ubong is the author of 2 books including The A.R.T of Motivation which has been rated with 5-Stars by a Top-50 Amazon reviewer. His latest book: "If I an just focus" . is also available on Amazon.
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24 Jul

CLICK CHECKOUT for Free Time Matrix Tool

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      Would be great to get your feedback by email at : yubibillion@gmail.com.Also let me know if you'd like me to talk about any specific topics.


            Decide at the beginning of every year, month and week, depending on your schedule and engagement, what are the big wins you want to have?What do you want to win at in the new week?There are a million things you can do in a week, but I mean the REALLY BIG WINS you want.If you haven't already, write down those top 3 things NOW! These are the big rocks to focus on hitting.

              WRITE IT DOWN AND PUT THEM WHERE YOU SEE THEM DAILY. Maybe your car dashboard or better yet, your refrigerator 🙂


                Do you know what they are. I don't mean your to-do list but the specific things that cause it to happen.

                  What screams for the most attention is normally not as important. You need balance.
                  For instance, if you plan to spend more time with your parents or family or a loved one, think about how many hours or specific appointments you can set weekly or daily to achieve this.
                  If you want to get a driver's license, the most important determining factor would be to set aside time to attend the 30 plus hrs of theory.Plan your month and week that way and WRITE IT DOWN:-)
                  If you plan to certify in something or improve your knowledge and skills, how many hours a day or a week do you need to set aside to be able to get it under your belt?SET SPECIFIC DAYS AND TIMES FOR THESE IN YOUR WEEK( scheduling tool or use post-it notes if you don't have one). I use my iphone and a scheduler for different kinds of goals.

                  Be honest and don't be soft. No excuses.
                  If you don't take time to reflect, you will NEVER do it. It must become a part of your life to measure and guage success. Another key here is get a friend or colleague that is straight with you, tell them what you want to hit this week or month and ask them to hold you accountable all week or month each time you meet.

                If you feel woverwhelmed, have a look at Here's THE FREE DOWNLOAD TIME MATRIX LINK. I learned this years ago from Franklin Covey that has really helped me keep the main things as the main things. Would be great to get your questions/feedback by email at : yubibillion@gmail.com.Also let me know if you'd like me to talk about any specific topics.

                28 May

                Turn on Your Dream Machine…Again


                  It's time to turn on your dream machine again !!! With a 5-star rating from a Consecutive Top-50 Amazon reviewer, this book teaches people how to quit living on seasonal motivations and harness the never ending-reservoir within!

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                    20 May

                    Before You Make That Move… It’s Not What You Leave but Where Are You Going to

                    Before you make a new relationship move, career move or quit, make sure you stop right now and ask yourself again:" Do I know where I am headed? " " Do I have an idea what I am good at and what I really enjoy doing?
                    Sure some people risk it all on a dream or gut feeling but then again, there is some kind of clarity or confidence within about the decision. Like an internal guiding compass charting the way.
                    It's not really a matter of what your'e leaving but where are you going to. Leaving things behind has a negative focus but heading towards a desired and anticipated destination is a totally different paradigm when changing seasons and moving on.
                    "What do results of my personality tests say and have I taken any tests at all to find out my strengths really are?"
                    It doesn't really take long to review those results and findings (Jung typology and other tests are available online).
                    Just take about 2-3 hours over a weekend or free day to reflect on the results and what you have been most successful at the past year. Also ask yourself: "What has stirred the most energy änd inspiration within me during that time?"
                    Then ask yourself if the opportunities or the direction you are heading in your job or business quest matches in any way, those findings.
                    Of course if you're making a total career change, it should be mainly because you are going into something that inspires you or you have had an inclining towards. Granted, some have found themselves in areas or careers which they had no clue about. It all started off as monkey-see, monkey-do but a few years later ended up loving it and becoming masters of the profession.
                    However, the truth about success is most long- term successful people who enjoy what they do, chose what they wanted on purpose. Like John Maxwell says you will rarely ever find a successful person who says :"You know what, I have no idea how I got here. I just woke up one morning and wham! I found myself here. It's absolutely unbelievable, I don't know how or when it happened." Right!!!
                    You don't really want to be a person that just never knows what is going to happen next. How would you like to know what will happen tomorrow?
                    Well, that’s real easy, why don't you decide right now?
                    How about deciding what will happen to you in the next year?
                    "Well, what if I don't get it in the next year?"
                    Well what if you do and you’ll still be way ahead of where you are now? In any case, if you don't attempt it at all and stayed where you are now, tell me, where will you be next year anyhow? I guess in the same place with regrets or thinking what if. Fear of failure will limit you every time you let it. You can make a calculated risk which is wise but it's your move friend!
                    Okay already, what step do I take and how do I start?"Once again, know what you’re good at and have a passion about learning, reading or knowing about. What lights your fire and whose pain do you feel most and want to solve problems for?
                    These are indicators of where you belong.There is a place where you belong and that is where you will flourish. Your weaknesses flourish when you are in the wrong place.
                    Once you have a reasonable picture of your abilities, then look for a place where you can be mentored into what you want you want to achieve. This is absolutely vital. Once you've made a move in the right direction, like Steve Jobs said somehow the dots will all connect in the future.
                    Yes, you don't see everything right now but if the direction is right(and you know that by knowing more of yourself) and based on your strengths, it is inevitable that you will make progress.
                    I like to look at what I am getting into and try to imagine it 10 years down the road. That's long term thinking. Will you always be 100% accurate? That depends on a lot of things but at least you can judge whether you will really be happy by some major indicators involving that job offer, professional endeavour or career right now. It may really be wiser and you will thank yourself sometimes if you choose to earn little lower than you could in a job you don't like simply because you want to take the opportunity to learn from the best in your field at a certain job or position. The satisfaction and happiness of combining your greatest skills and strengths cannot be compared to a 500 dollar a pay check difference.