30 Oct

Thank You For Buying “The A.R.T of Motivation”


Condensed Video Training Workshop

Thank you for buying my book on Amazon: The A.R.T of Motivation" on Amazon. Your life achievements will never be the same.
I believe in completeness and adding continuous value to people.
As an added bonus for buyers of my book, from the 2nd week of January, you will also begin to receive this condensed video training workshop series on "The A.R.T of Motivation" with frequent 5 minute videos. The videos contain the practial side to applying the principles and exercises.
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    Like zooming down from 50,000 feet in the air to your own doorstep. You will enjoy the down-to-earth,practical applications in video and will also be able to consult Yubi by access to a special membership club on any issues regarding your career development or pursuing Life Goals. This can be done by sending in questions which Yubi will personally address for you. An added bonus will be free access to special Q & A sessions during the year on Success Principles and other material that will help your personal life, team, career and business.
    Once again, thank you for buying my book and watch out for soon-coming titles and releases to enrich your life.
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          19 Oct

          How to Get From Where You Are into the Career that is really You!

          That’s the exact question a lot of people ask themselves. What in the world is going on? I was excited about this job or this career or this project last year or two years ago. Why do I hate it so much right now?
          It sounded like something I needed for the now at that time. I seem to have lost motivation again. Could be phrases like “I’ve achieved what I think I wanted by landing this job,” “ I flew over the whole world and I’ve been in very continent. I experienced a lot man and now I’m tired and need to ground myself some place else. It was the exact same way in my last job or project. How do I lose interest so easily? My mind seems to be blocking! What’s the matter with me?”.
          We are motivated about many different things at many times and different seasons in our life. The question is, is what you are motivated about right now consistent with your core-design and life goals in the short and long-term?

              The truth about life is seasons change. We change also even though our deepest dreams and desires do not. On the path to self-awareness however, until we really discover what we really want in life and what we are born to be masters of, we all go through a process. For some, it’s never-ending, for many, a very painful walk through the school of hard-knocks. This does not necessarily need to be the case. Like the man that went to the doctor and said every time I eat that it hurts and the doctor says “Well, stop eating it!” –duh! If we have been going on for years and months feeling frustrated, with failure after failure, decrease after decrease in energy, relationships failing, financial decrease and things are not getting better we need to stop and take a close look at how we are really living our lives and what we are focusing on. Sometimes we are like on the crest of a wave and ride it for a time till it dies slowly and we seem to be at the same place, across geographical boundaries but still in the same place within. Mike Murdock said the reason people ‘stay poor’ is because they do not know what they really want. Actually it also goes beyond that. So it all begins with the question: Who am I and what do I really love? Anything less will be pursued in life for a time and season and then we come to the realization we are still headed in the wrong direction.