The Trust Case:Building & Restoring Trust Personally & Within Teams

Learning about trust?Really?
Character makes trust possible, and trust is the foundation of leadership.
Think about the last meeting you attended involving your team or teams that obviously didn’t trust each other. The feeling of the air all being sucked out of the room and the tension made things long,hard and painful. Whether we admit it or not, in business, trust makes things happen fast with customers,employees,teammates and organizations.
When you trust a person, you’re ready to go with them and when you trust their judgment, you’re ready to make a decision with them.
This course will change the way you have perceived trust, equip leaders and create engagement that little else can within your teams.

Modules covered include:

    1. Action Based on Trust Levels
    2. Integrity & Motives
    3. Connecting with Others
    4. Capability & Competence
    5. Results
    6. Wisely Trusting
    7. Trust Tools and Exercise Modules