Business Execution with Excellence : Where Strategy Becomes Results

The more a leader is in love with their great strategy, the easier it becomes to underestimate the ability to carry out that strategy.With a few people, its a challenge,with teams and entire organizations it becomes even more complex.
Everybody talks about change. In recent years, a small industry of change-meisters has preached revolution, reinvention,breakthrough thinking,audacious goals,learning organizations and the like. But unless you can convert big thoughts into concrete and proven steps of action,they’re pointless.
Without execution, the breakthrough thinking goes down, learning adds no value, people do not meet their stretch goals and the revolution stops dead in its tracks.What you get is change for the worse because failure drains the energy from your team or organization and repeated failure destroys it.
Execution is really about consistent and outstanding results. Better results require change in individuals,teams and entire organizations.
That’s right. It begins from the very strategy in the CEO and boards’ minds and drops down through every level of the organization.

This course analyzes key dynamics that make execution much harder than it ought to be for even the simplest strategies today and provides principles that can be quickly deployed into your organization to fix execution issues.
Course Modules include: