Clients & Stories

  • applift-client1
    Empowering Mobile App Publishers to acquire and re-engage quality users at scale. AppLift's Datalift is built using AppLift’s proprietary LTV optimization technology, which allows for automatic campaign optimization, advanced targeting, real-time analytics as well as accurate reporting capabilities.
  • AppLift-ITP-Training
    AppLift's ITP Training with 16 Leaders and Employees from various global locations
  • ontotext-ubong-ekpo-client
    Ontotext develops a unique portfolio of core semantic technologies and powers some of the biggest world-renowned media sites such as the BBC,Publicis and many others. UbongEkpo Training & Consulting Solutions was happy to be a part of enhancing Ontotext’s ever increasing success story.
  • ORACLE Gold Partner,BIG Data Services & Project Based Consultancy in Europe,Russia and the U.S
    ORACLE Gold Partner, BIG DATA Services & Project-Based Consultancy