Growth and Development Course For leaders & High Performers : Building A Growth Plan

You could list your accomplishments over the past few years and talk about how hard you work. You can outline your goals and explain what you do to reach and help more people. Answers all based on “ACTIVITY”, not on improving.
Do you really have a plan to get better?
Do you really have a plan for your personal growth and development?
If your answers match the above, it could reveal a major flaw in your approach to work and success.
When we start careers, we are intentional about working, reaching goals, and being successful. Most have a strategy which is plain hard work and hoping it will get us where we want to go. But working hard alone does not guarantee success and hope is not a strategy.
There are major growth gaps we have all faced and can overcome with a real growth plan that involves intentionality, focus and other vital principles.
Marshall Goldsmith, probably the world’s best known CEO coach and voted Top Thinker of the world’s top 50 thinkers says :”What Got You here Won’t Get You There”.
Can you really grow anymore?
When we are growth-conscious, the goals and results are consistently achieved and we always have room to grow.
When goal-conscious, we tend to plateau once goals are achieved.
The growth and development course for individuals, leaders and high-performers covers topics like:

  1. How Leaders Can Test & Create A Growth Environment
  2. Growth Traps & How to deal with Them Professionally
  3. Laws of Growth
  4. Sustaining Growth in an Organization Through Trust, Strong Execution and People Development Principles for Leaders